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Addressing the internal & external causes & consequences of skin conditions on multiple skin layers, Christina assures an improved skin texture in ageing, oily & combination skin, and also reduces hyper pigmentation, acne and acne damage.

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Combining advanced science with powerful traditional botanical ingredients for optimal results...
Christina is committed to delivering professional skincare solutions with dynamic combinations of traditional botanicals and scientifically advanced ingredients. Targeting impaired skin functions, our cosmeticians work with leading scientists to develop products that correct and ameliorate complex skin conditions. Christina’s scientific formulas have been extensively tested in Christina’s laboratory and are clinically proven to deliver visible and measurable results safely and consistently.

User-friendly solutions designed for optimal effectiveness at each step of the treatment
Christina professional skincare solutions facilitate an ongoing process of treating and preventing adverse skin conditions. Christina products do not use harmful penetration enhancers commonly found in other salon treatments. Instead, Christina relies on scientifically advanced, innovative combinations and optimal levels of active ingredients to increase penetration and efficacy without creating any undesired side effects. All of Christina’s in-salon and home treatments are user-friendly and are accompanied by easyto- follow step-by-step instructions.

Creating product lines that work

Each of Christina’s product line is a multi-stage, holistic treatment that addresses a specific skin condition by targeting the biological and environmental causes and symptoms, both internally and externally. Through the effective synergy between in salon and home care products, Christina’s lines perform beyond expectations for truly remarkable results in the short and long term.

Bio Phyto - Balance to Perfection

Bio Phyto

A superbly balancing treatment for healthylooking skin 24/7.

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Chateau de Beaute - advantages of grapes, wine and their byproducts

Chateau de Beaute

A supremely energizing & rejuvenating treatment

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Muse - Revitalizing the skin,


Rejuvenation & protection for a youthful skin

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Controling & Regulating Antimicrobial Activity


The comprehensive treatment for oily and blemished skin

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decreases visibility of wrinkles


Natural defying treatment for stressed skin

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best of clinical skincare and cosmetic beauty

Forever Young

Comprehensive anti-aging treatment

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Skin rejuvenating results are significant and visible

Rose de Mer

Natural powerful peeling

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replace lost skin rejuvenating


Anti-aging for mature skin

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lightening treatments


Correcting sun damage & pigmentation disorders

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Smoothes, firms and tightens skin


Instant anti-aging & pamper treatment

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deeply cleansing


The Fresh range of cleansers and toners

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Complementary Products

Complementary Products

Our other innovative cosmetic lines and products

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