What should I do if my discount code does not work for promotions?

If so, please call us and we will find a solution so that your discount code will work as well.

Does Christina Cosmetics Animal Testing?

No, research and further development for us by Christina Cosmetics also means taking responsibility. For this reason, we do not conduct any animal experiments. Our reliable results are provided by modern in-vitro tests.


Do I really need a tonic?

To round off an optimal care a toner must not be missing, they donate moisture and reliably clean stubborn residues from the pores, in addition, the surplus of the cleaning products with. Our toners are available in individual variations. With their ingredients they additionally support.

I have allergies to various ingredients, where can I find the ingredients of each product?

The ingredients can be found in the product description in our shop. For further questions, we are at your disposal by phone.

At what age should you start with anti-aging products?

This question can not be answered flat rate, because each person has a different skin profile. It can be said, however, that from the age of 25 cell activity decreases, thereby slowing the renewal of skin cells. Forever Young is designed for this problem. This anti-aging treatment is suitable from the age of 25 years and supports the cellular activity to counteract the signs of aging.


How long does the delivery take?

In general, the packages are still packed the same day and shipped depending on the receipt of the order. Shipping usually takes two days. Should Sundays or holidays be in between, the delivery will take longer.

My delivery has been damaged, what should I do?

If your shipment has been damaged, please send us photos. We will take care of it and give you a replacement.

Do you ship into other countries?

We also ship to other countries, but other postage rates apply here. However, we do not deliver to Switzerland.

What do you send out?

Our packages are shipped exclusively as an insured DPD package.